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Books and Journals

The Importance of a Multifaceted Approach in the Assessment and Treatment of Childhood Feeding Disorders – Clarissa Martin

Development of Food Acceptability – Dovey et al 2009


More about Clarissa Martin

Clarissa Martin is Consultant Clinical Psychologist in Paediatrics and Head of Child Health Services. She leads the Specialist Services for Children with Feeding Disorders at Midlands Psychology ( a peripatetic service that operates a national level.

Clarissa works with Dr Terence Dovey, Behavioural Therapist and Senior Lecture at Brunel University. They are internationally recognised as specialists in children’s feeding disorders and have pioneered multi-disciplinary intensive tube weaning intervention for children with severe feeding disorders in general hospitals and community settings.    They are very well known for their national and international conference contributions and are the author of a number of peer-reviewed papers in the area of paediatric feeding disorders. Clarissa is also co-editor, with Angela Southall, of the Radcliffe Series in Paediatric Psychology, the first of its kind in the UK.


These national specialists and their therapists come to your house, observe your child at mealtimes and listen to the families’ narratives. They follow a developmental and whole child approach model. They thoroughly assess the child’s feeding problem and train parents to implement their specialist behavioural feeding protocols. They are with the parents during all the process because they acknowledge the impact that having a child with feeding problems have in the family.


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