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Thank you forever John Leech

John, Mike & Me
John, Mike & Me

Watching Mike tuck in to his second jelly today, it’s hard to ever remember a time he didn’t eat. Three years on from feeding therapy beginning, we are a long, long way from him ever not eating again.

It was in 2014 when finally after 18 months of fighting, our Clinical Commissioning Group (CCG) agreed to fund specialist feeding therapy with Clarissa Martin from Midlands Psychology, for Mike.

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Mike, Me & John Leech


I first contacted, my MP John Leech, about Mike’s feeding therapy back in August 2013. It was after five months of hearing nothing back, not even an acknowledgment, from the Clinical Commissioning Group, about the treatment I so desperately wanted for my boy. There began a relationship, that changed the course of my family’s future. Especially Mike’s. Continue reading

We need to #TalkAboutCMV


My little Mike, a born survivor xxx
My little Mike, a born survivor x

Mike’s birth was nothing but dramatic, the moment my waters broke they were thick with meconium. I was allowed to labour but the doctors struggled to keep a good trace on Mike’s heart and so he was born by emergency caesarean section. Continue reading

Too Many Cooks Spoil the Broth! – Week 9

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Let’s get cooking!

Michael’s paediatrician had become very aware at the point he got his NG tube, that we spent lots of our time at lots of appointments. Three a week was standard (often more than that). Tons of money thrown away on petrol, car parking and hospital coffees; but much more important than that, time away from family life and toddler paced days. (Not to mention the cost to the NHS!) Continue reading