Too excited about the CMV Action Family Day 2016

All together :)
All together, Family Day 2015

So the CMV Action Family Day, is nearly upon us!

This is the second year I’ve had the honour, as a parent volunteer of arranging and I’m taking my responsibility very seriously!

This year’s event is to be held on Sunday, 12th June. Our families will be getting together at Chancellors Hotel Manchester, between 12 and 3 in the afternoon.

The day is a treat from CMV Action to its members, with the aim of giving families the opportunity to catch up and meet other families living with a diagnosis of Congenital CMV. We also have some professionals attending to meet our trustees and learn a little about us and the great work, CMV Action are involved in.

It’s a relaxed, informal environment and we are able to help accommodate everyone’s needs, so that every family gets to enjoy it. If you plan on joining us, please do let us know about anything we can do to support your family on the day.

This year sees our talented face painters return. Last year we saw some fantastic creations! I had a brilliant CMV Action logo on my cheek and my boys were Hulk and Iron Man. It was my little Mike’s first face paint: a very proud moment.

We have our fantastic DJ and magician Paul, @Pastiche once again. Everybody was impressed by his sensitivity to the day last year. The music wasn’t too loud and choice ¬†very much supported the relaxed environment. The children loved his magic show!

The lovely Louby Lou, a regular at our local children’s hospital will be working the room to meet and greet all the children. She’s so very funny and the children (and parents!) love her!


Lots of smiles :)
Lots of smiles :)

Last year we were very lucky to have a guest appearance from Captain America and Frozen’s Elsa, from Small Duck Entertainment. We had a sing along and Elsa’s ¬†flowing dress was a real hit with the children.

Who knows if we will be so lucky as to have some surprise guests, this year…

We are very excited to have A-BambO’s joining us this year, with soft play, bouncy castle, ball pit and the most exciting bit… the sensory den! It will be staffed by AbambO’s and our children will get to have a relaxing time in the sensory den individually.

Once again, the day falls in National Carers Week so there will be a little treat to say thanks to the main carers attending the day, provided by Candy’s Cupcakes.

On top of all of this, we have lovely food, a fantastic raffle with prizes once again donated by Character Group, an opportunity to enter the Christmas Card Competition and lots, lots more!

We need final numbers by Tuesday, 31st May 2016 so what are you waiting for? Grab your tickets :)

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